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Jokerz by Peter Nardi

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Jokerz, the brainchild of Peter Nardi, puts an exciting spin on the legendary Wild Card routine by Peter Kane.

Picture this: eight jokers sourced from eight different Las Vegas casinos teaming up with a solitary random card. What unfolds is pure visual magic—watch as each joker undergoes a stunning transformation, morphing into a flawless duplicate of the random card!

The package comes complete with special cards, a handy wallet, and an instructional video led by Peter Nardi himself. Expect a tutorial that leaves no page unturned, guiding you through the routine with precision and expertise.

Here's the kicker: Jokerz isn’t just a standalone wonder; it seamlessly integrates with Alakazam's What Happens In Vegas Deck & Casino Con! It's the ultimate addition to amplify your magical arsenal, offering a perfect accompaniment to enhance your Vegas-themed tricks.

Get ready to embark on a visual journey that blurs the lines between illusion and reality. Jokerz is your ticket to a spectacular performance that'll have your audience gasping in disbelief.

Jokerz by Peter Nardi
Jokerz by Peter Nardi Sale price$43.00 AUD