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"Discover a world of enchantment at Global Magic Shop – your premier destination for the finest magic products and illusions. Explore a curated collection of tricks, tools, and accessories designed for magicians of all levels. From classic favorites to cutting-edge innovations, our global selection ensures you have access to the best in the magical arts. With worldwide shipping, exclusive releases, and a commitment to performance perfection, Global Magic Shop is where magicians turn for unparalleled quality and enchanting wonders. Elevate your magic game and explore our captivating inventory today!"

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Mind Power Deck by Jonathan Fox
Brainwave Deck 2.0
Brainwave Deck 2.0 Sale price$17.00
Alone Sale price$34.00
Forecast Sale price$34.00
Monkey Outdone by Jonathan Fox
KAPOW Sale price$24.00
Hamman's Final Aces
Hamman's Final Aces Sale price$27.00
Second Sight by Ron Wilson
Strike Out by Jonathan Fox
The Psychomatic Deck By Jonathan Fox
Chinese Poker By Mo Howarth – Ken Brooke
Orbit by Mark Parker & Jonathan Fox
Hide Run Seek
Hide Run Seek Sale price$14.00
Sold outDestination
Destination Sale price$34.00
Sold outSvengali/ Radio Deck Masterclass (Digital Only)
Sold outSvengali/ Radio Deck Masterclass (Deck and Video)