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The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson

Sale price$68.00

The Casino Con, a dynamic three-phased routine from the ingenious minds of Steve Gore & Gregory Wilson that promises to be a show-stopping addition to your repertoire!

Brace yourself for an engaging and captivating performance that unfolds in three mesmerising phases and the best bit is, it's totally examinable at the end!

*Casino Con also goes great with Jokerz by Peter Nardi

In Phase One, you kick off the spectacle by presenting a sample packet of cards—all jokers—each hailing from a different casino. As your spectator discreetly pockets a poker chip without looking at it, you boldly proclaim that the chip corresponds to one of the jokers. Should you fail to influence them to pick the matching casino, they stand to win a rare collector's item—a chip from a now-defunct casino! Astonishingly, their freely chosen joker perfectly aligns with the casino on the chip! This is strong enough for the effect to end here but there is more to come!

Moving on to Phase Two, the jokers are shuffled once more. This time, your spectator takes charge, cutting the packet and dealing two poker hands—one for you and one for them. Behold the 'not so surprising' revelation as they turn over their cards to reveal five jokers! With a mere wave of your hand, your joker-filled hand magically transforms into a royal flush in spades—the epitome of a winning hand.

As the grand finale in Phase Three, a final kicker awaits. A wave of your hand over the $25 chip results in an instant transformation—it metamorphoses into a chip now worth at a whopping $25,000!

The Casino Con is the epitome of a carry-everywhere effect. It resets instantly, it's self working and it's engaging.

This all-inclusive set features specially designed Casino cards, two high-quality custom poker chips, and a sleek wallet for convenient storage.

Prepare yourself to fall in love with the sheer joy of performing The Casino Con!

The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson
The Casino Con by Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson Sale price$68.00