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Beginner magic tricks that are easy to do for Children and adults. People will think you are a master magician with these magic tricks.

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KAPOW Sale price$35.00 AUD
On The Mark
On The Mark Sale price$30.00 AUD
Mental Eight Fold Enigma
Mental Eight Fold Enigma Sale price$20.00 AUD
Flying Cards
Flying Cards Sale price$27.00 AUD
Transpo Cards
Transpo Cards Sale price$20.00 AUD
Nest Of Boxes
Nest Of Boxes Sale price$15.00 AUD
Amazing Vanishing Silk
Amazing Vanishing Silk Sale price$10.00 AUD
Svengali Deck
Svengali Deck Sale price$15.00 AUD
Pen Through Anything
Pen Through Anything Sale price$15.00 AUD
4 Card color Stunner
4 Card color Stunner Sale price$15.00 AUD
The Time Machine Deck
The Time Machine Deck Sale price$25.00 AUD
Fade Away Deck
Fade Away Deck Sale price$25.00 AUD
Sold outSvengali/ Radio Deck Masterclass (Deck and Video)
Sold outSvengali/ Radio Deck Masterclass (Digital Only)