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Split Cards - Declassified

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Discover the art of splitting cards with Global Magic's online courses, designed to bring the secrets of magic right to your home. Our exhaustive and detailed courses are presented in digital format, divided into lessons for your convenience.

Splitting cards, renowned for its complexity, becomes accessible through trial, determination, and method – skills you'll master by joining me on this journey. Throughout the course, unravel the intricacies of card splitting, adding an unparalleled technique to your repertoire. This highly versatile skill opens the door to achieving the seemingly impossible. We won't just explore various splitting techniques we'll delve deep into body postures, card returns, carrying techniques in the deck, case, or pocket – everything you need to master the technique and its nuances.

Plus, get ready for three captivating tricks to put your newfound skills to the test from the very first minute. Elevate your magic with the art of splicing cards – your gateway to the extraordinary awaits!