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JUMBOX Marked Deck

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Perform Bigger with an incredible and direct marking system printed on a jumbo size deck of cards.
Magic Dream is proud to bring to the market JUMBOX®, a new series of Big Size Playing Cards.

More than 15 years after having creating the worldwide best-seller Ultimate Marked Deck, we ‘ve just launched JUMBOX® Marked Deck. It is just what it is : a powerfull tool for magicians and mentalists who want to perform new experiences for stage & parlor magic but also street shows.
Made with a Grand B Back, a special design made By Jean-Charles Briand (Bicycle Fast’N’Genious, Bicycle Paris Back, Bicycle Angels, etc.), suits and value can be peek in a second and up to one meter, offering you a new way to perform card effects far from your deck!
We’ve sourced for months a company to get the best quality, a perfect slide, and beautiful colours printed on each card. We also have resized the classic jumbo size to homothetically fit to a standard poker playing card.

Size: Lenght 17,5 cm x Width 12,7 cm
An hour of video explanation is included, teaching you 5 routines and giving you more ideas of How to PERFORM BIGGER with CARDS on STAGE!
JUMBOX Marked Deck
JUMBOX Marked Deck Sale price$55.00 AUD