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ESP Ness by Lawrence Turner

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Global Magic Shop Australian and New Zealand Exclusive!

Over 18's Only! Easy To Do, No Sleight Of Hand Required!!

Ok, so this is not a usual effect for Alakazam and we know it will not suit everyone but boy does it get laughs when performed to the right group!

We have been taking this effect with us to a few of the recent conventions and guess what, we have sold out at every single one!

'Look out magic ding dong, here's the next best thing!' Magick Balay

So what's The Effect?

We present it as a serious personality reading. First we explain what each of the five symbols represent.

The Circle represents someone who suffers from something we know as Imposter Syndrome. Someone whose talent and skill is glaringly obvious to everyone but they constantly go round in circles look for approval from their peers.

The Cross represents someone who feels everything in life is a big decision. No matter how small, to them it will be a major decision that will play on their mind!

The Wavy Lines represents someone who just goes with the flow. They tend to do what they like without actually thinking it through. Their live has many ups and downs but that doesn't phase them because they live in the moment!

The Square represents someone who is constantly chasing goals. Ines they have reach that goal they change direction and aim for yet another goal. These people tend to be very hardworking and focused.

The Star represents someone who feels their live is complete. They have achieved everything they have aimed for in lift albeit with family, friends or work. 

When all five cards have been show you turn them facedown and they are mixed. You tell you spectator that they will be drawn to one and the one they are drawn too will tell them what sort of person they are. Your spectator touches the back of any of the cards (free choice) and you can imagine what comes next!

The imagine we have designed is playful and funny and is guaranteed to get great laughs when performed to the right group!

ESP'Ness is also great for the Hen or bachelorette parties!

If you're look for the perfect packet effect to take down the bar, this is it! It's simple, it's funny and the reactions it gets are great! 

ESP Ness by Lawrence Turner
ESP Ness by Lawrence Turner Sale price$39.00 AUD