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Double Lift - Declassified

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Welcome to Global Magic's online courses, bringing expert training directly to your home. Immerse yourself in our exhaustive and detailed courses, meticulously crafted for specific topics, always available in digital format and thoughtfully compartmentalized into lessons for seamless learning.

In this particular course, my sole focus is on refining the traditional double lift—a fundamental technique in card magic. Two cards, one deck. Despite its commonality, mastering the double lift can feel like a battle. Fear not! We will dissect each component separately and in meticulous detail, allowing you to uncover every nuance that contributes to improvement until it becomes a technique executed with absolute ease.

To ensure you have ample material for practice, the course includes three of my own tricks that utilize the double lift. This not only provides you with valuable hands-on experience but also demonstrates how to structure and seamlessly integrate this technique within a larger magical effect. Elevate your card magic prowess and gain confidence in your skills with Global Magic's double lift course. Let the magic unfold effortlessly!