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Destination - Elevate Your Magic Journey

Dive into the most compact, practical, and direct version of the open prediction trick featured in all my shows, whether it's close-up or parlour magic. After extensive exploration and countless adaptations, I am thrilled to present the version that grants me maximum freedom and ease in teaching, while ensuring a simple path to the prediction card. Welcome to "Destination."

The deck is spread face up on the table, divided into two halves. Spectators freely eliminate one half without ambiguity, a process repeated until a small packet remains. From this packet, a card is chosen – all executed openly, and face up. No strange manoeuvres, only pure magic.

As with all my creations, "Destination" is meticulously crafted on Bicycle cards, ensuring a quality that has brought me endless joy over the years. These are the very cards I use for myself, and now, they are offered to you at Global Magic.

In the instructional video, I guide you through every nuance – the procedures, presentation options for both close-up and parlor magic, and the nuances of this trick that holds a special place in my repertoire. This version of "Destination" represents a culmination of my magical journey, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Prepare to embark on a magical adventure like never before. "Destination" awaits, promising not just tricks, but an experience that will stay with you. Join me as we unfold the secrets and possibilities of this enchanting masterpiece.