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Clarity by Chris Rawlins

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Almost fifteen years ago I began exploring the drawing duplication. Some years later I shared Reveal. This was followed by Drawing Thoughts followed by Drawing Thoughts Volume Two, various lecture notes and a handful of downloads. More recently I shared CTRL-C. Now I am sharing what has become my secret weapon for professional paid shows, it’s name is Clarity. With one push, you see everything. Just a push… that’s all it takes. Your spectator draws a picture across the room upon an opaque clipboard. They place the drawing face down. You are nowhere near them as they draw. Whenever you like you pick up the very same marker and in that action, with the board face down on the table the entire time…you see everything. The clean up…just a push! Perfect for parlour, stage and private parties. Use any marker pen, normal paper and the provided clip and very special board. You do not need bright lighting to obtain the glimpse, even in the most natural light you see with absolute Clarity. Clarity has been created with a custom grade tint and newly designed and printed inner panel. These changes make the face down peek that was never before possible, both possible and extremely easy.

Detailed online video instructions included with numerous peeks taught: The Table Glimpse, All Seeing Glimpse, The Envelope Glimpse. Also included is Chris’ go to mini act using Clarity: The Full Ten Minutes - A full, three phase act that is taught in detail as part of the project. Where the performer reads multiple minds with increasing accuracy and impossibility, finishing with the duplication of an image so impossible - it leaves the wisest of spectators dumbfounded. This is a staple of Chris’s professional repertoire. The instructions are professionally shot, extremely detailed and give real professional level insights into how to really perform with Clarity. Beautifully packaged, professionally designed and hand assembled by Katsuya Masuda. This is as good as electronics, at a fraction of the cost. This is Clarity.