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Brainwave Deck 2.0

Sale price$30.00 AUD

Brainwave Deck 2.0
Brainwave Deck 2.0 Sale price$30.00 AUD


Brainwave Deck 2.0 part of the connoisseur range.

Imagine removing deck of cards and explaining that you have made a prediction before you left your home. You ask the spectator to name any card. You carefully remove the deck and show one face down card with a different colored back. It is slowly turned over to reveal it is the card named by the spectator! No forcing - it's an absolutely free choice.


This very special deck has been treated with a special Chemical (not science friction or roughing spray) It does everything that Roughing Fluid can do… and everything it cannot.

If you have ever owned an (standard)Brainwave Deck, you know the problems of the treatment: it is either too strong or too light, and also wears off. When the cards are too heavily treated, the cards stay perfectly aligned but you struggle separating the named card. On the other hand, if the treatment is not strong enough, you struggle keeping the cards together to avoid any flashing.

With our special treatment, this is an experience from the past. Cards perfectly stay aligned, and whenever you want to open a pair it feels as if you would turn on a switch to unlock the cards. You have to handle the deck to understand how good these decks are.

This deck has been road tested and will last at least 4 times longer than your standard Brainwave deck.