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Expanded Coin Shell Australian 20c

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Unleash the power of Australian magic with the finest range of Gaff coins produced by Global Magic Shop. Crafted exclusively for Australian magicians, experience a level of quality, precision and versatility like never before. Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians.

Experience the wonders of magic with the meticulously crafted Precision Expanded Shell for Australian 20c coins! Unlock the realm of impossibilities by borrowing ordinary coins and transforming them into extraordinary feats. It's every magician's dream come true!

With this remarkable shell, you can perform a multitude of mind-boggling effects, including a simplified version of the timeless coin vanish and transposition. Let your creativity soar as you leave audiences astounded and amazed.

Crafted from authentic Australian 20c coins, this expanded shell is designed to fit seamlessly over a regular coin without distorting its face. The precision engineering ensures flawless integration, allowing you to perform with confidence and finesse.