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Ultimate Mental Photography Deck by Jonathan Fox

Sale price$34.00

Ultimate Mental Photography Deck

This is not your ordinary deck, unlike all mental Photography decks prior you can now spread the deck to show blanks and spread to show that the deck is fully printed, this is a game changer!

For those of you who are familiar with the trick and have been searching a good MENTAL photography deck for years LOOK NO FURTHER.

These cards are NOT just long and short cards they are cut on the slant the way KEN BROOKE used to make them. For those who are new to the deck or have only used the inferior decks which are mass produced method of making the deck where they are cut like a Svengali Deck this totally transforms the handling.

They are also treated in a different way which allows you to do things you only dreamt of with your standard mental photo deck.


Imagine removing a strange deck of cards with no faces and no backs – the whole deck is freely shown blank. Suddenly one blank card develops a face and then a back. Then, the entire deck instantly has faces and backs. One quick cut of the cards and they are all blank again. It looks amazing. The faces and backs develop and disappear in a stunning manner!