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The Psychomatic Deck By Jonathan Fox

Sale price$45.00 AUD

The Psychomatic Deck By Jonathan Fox
The Psychomatic Deck By Jonathan Fox Sale price$45.00 AUD

here's what happens

Finally available again, this is one of the very, very best forcing decks in existence.

Having scoured every possible avenue for these without success (except for a lackluster find on eBay), I ultimately took matters into my own hands and crafted them myself!

If you're unfamiliar with the Psychosomatic Deck, it's truly extraordinary. You can spread it, display it, let a spectator shuffle it, break it open to glimpse a card, let them shuffle again, and effortlessly return the deck to its box.

With adept audience management, you can even have spectators execute these actions from a distance—be it across the stage, on the street, or in another room!

Nevertheless, the card they observe is the predetermined force card, and you have the flexibility to reveal it in any manner you choose!

It also functions seamlessly as a tossed-out deck, allowing for clear visibility, as spectators can confirm that all the cards are distinct!

Receive the pre-assembled deck, primed and ready for performance, accompanied by comprehensive online video instructions.