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Svengali Deck

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Svengali Deck

Here is our new Svengali deck with a great new design and a great new quality!

The magician shows a deck of cards to the spectators.
He invites a spectator to choose a card and put it back in the deck. Despite the card is lost in the deck the magician will incredibly find it in any place selected by the spectator himself.
You can perform many amazing tricks and with a breathtaking finale where the entire deck changes into the spectator’s selected card!

Every professional magician has used a Svengali deck at some point, its that strong.

  • Easy to do
  • The deck does all the work for you
  • No Sleight Of Hand Required!
  • Many baffling, but easy effects are explained in the online instructions thought by Jonathan Fox
Svengali Deck
Svengali Deck Sale price$15.00 AUD