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Second Sight by Ron Wilson

Sale price$45.00 AUD

Second Sight by Ron Wilson
Second Sight by Ron Wilson Sale price$45.00 AUD

SECOND SIGHT Performance


Unleash the Magic: Ron Wilson's Spellbinding Marvel! 

Prepare to be enchanted by Ron Wilson's masterpiece, a dazzling twist on Dai Vernon's Brainwave that's making waves in the magic world!

What makes it the talk of the town? According to the legendary Charlie Miller, it's the SLEEKEST Brainwave ever witnessed! No tricky angles, just pure, seamless enchantment from beginning to end. 

Picture this: The magician pulls out a deck, effortlessly fanning it towards the audience. A mysterious card of the opposite color emerges from a pocket, displaying its back. Swiftly inserted into the deck, the fan is closed and shuffled.

Now, get ready for the showstopper! A spectator shuffles and scans the cards face up. With a mere mention of a chosen card, the magician orchestrates a slow, theatrical revelation – the selected card now boasts a completely different coloured back! 

No smoke, no mirrors, just a mind-blowing display of magic that even leaves magicians scratching their heads!  Elevate your act with this impossible feat that has audiences raving, just as Ron Wilson did! 

Second Sight rights are owned by Stevens Magic Emporium; manufacturing rights are granted to Global Magic Shop