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Portraits by Oliver Zargosa & Magic Dream

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After a success at Blackpool 2024, Portraits is now available at the Magic Dream label!

“Portraits sets the bar exponentially higher than ay other celebrity deck ever created. That is perhaps the most understated yet true fact about this effect. Trust me don’t make the mistake of thinking you already have something like this” – Mark Stevens

With Portraits you will be pleased by both sight and touch when you handle this deck fresh out of the box. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the original design and quality.

Disguised under the auspices of a card game as a psychological subtlety for the layman and designed by its creator, Olivier ZARAGOSA. Portraits features powerfully hypnotic graphics coupled with modern attractive packaging. Trust us – Portraits meets all the expectations you may have in terms of an innocuous card game with zero suspicions. This under the radar technique (an effect disguised as a game), has gained popularity in the art of magic. It’s proved exceptionally successful as a deterrent of suspicion.

Important: With Portraits, it’s not about offering your spectators card effects with a traditional deck including Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. The 52 cards represent celebrities known to everyone –- worldwide — from sports, music, politics or movies. Young or aged, living or deceased, men or women, these personalities will allow you to perform real miracles. They also serve as perfect ice-breakers and easy talking points for anyone! Celebrities have the power to connect with your spectators much stronger than the traditional card deck. Use this to your advantage in your routines.

Mentalists and Magicians alike! Whether you’re a mentalist in search of amazing revelations and predictions, or a magician wanting a comedic routine. Either way – Portraits has you covered. The effects included are perfect for you – we just know it!

Benefited by an explanation video just shy of 90 minutes which contains 10 magic effects using principles that you will enjoy. These applied principles are ones you will either discover or rediscover in card magic. Most impressive is the manner in which these principles adapted so perfectly to the theme! It’s ingenious. Even better you’ll find yourself creating your own routines. In addition to the 10 powerful effects included, think of Portraits as the wet clay that you can mold into your personal masterpiece.

Conclusively Portraits truly has the potential to be one of the top effects of 2024 ! Everything about this project has been maximized for full potential. As such we at Magic Dream are very proud of this collaboration and final product. We think you will be too.


• Original designed highest quality cards
• 10 routines included and explained in video (French and English)
• From almost self-working to more technical along with classics of Carto magic and more.
• Visual effects of predictions, coincidences, card tricks, stack order, marking cards, etc.


• 52 celebrity cards
• 1 prediction card
• 1 double-sided card
• 1 double back card
• link to 1h 30min explanatory video

And most importantly your artistic imagination – see what you can do to make Portraits your very own unique masterpiece.

Portraits by Oliver Zargosa & Magic Dream
Portraits by Oliver Zargosa & Magic Dream Sale price$65.00 AUD