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On The Mark

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On The Mark
On The Mark Sale price$30.00

ON THE MARK Performance


Unleash the Laughter with Our Exclusive Card Marvel!

Dive into the world of crazy, clever, and downright funny with this one-of-a-kind card effect! 

Witness the magic as you embark on a journey explaining the nuances of a marked deck. Typically, the marks on the backs of cards, intended for deception, are challenging to decipher. But not with this exclusive deck!

Despite showing the card backs that appear normal, a sudden revelation occurs – WRITING appears on the backs of the cards! In bold letters, each card's back is marked with the identity of its face. Now, that's certainly a unique way to mark a deck!

While this might not deceive other card players, you take it a step further. With a simple turn of the deck, you make the marks VANISH! Yet, at the end of the day, the true purpose of your deck is to read the marks. So, with another turn, you spread the cards to unveil all the marks on the back, visible once again!

Add a touch of humour and mystery to your routine with this exclusive and entertaining card marvel.