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Oil and Water Both Sides by Philippe Molina

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Four double-sided yellow cards and four front-line blue cards are mixed and then separate from themselves ... then suddenly Mix again!

Finally, the pack of 8 cards is shaken, and all the cards become ... green!

A routine without any apparent suspicious, ultra-magic gesture with A stunning finish, tested more than 1000 times in public by the author!

The explanations are accessible via a video in French lasting about 36 minutes, shot in studio and multi-cam. Are explained in the details several routines, including The one he himself practices Philippe Molina in working conditions ! All the useful points are discussed, going from how to have the cards examined to the spectators, and the lots of possible variants ...

Please note: To make these routines, it is necessary to master certain techniques not replicated here. Elmsley counting, breaking, Biddle movement ... If you want to learn these techniques as well as many others, a specific video program to describe all basic techniques exists: the ABC of the magic of the cards.

All the cards necessary to make several variants of routine are provided. A card holder (not supplied) may be necessary, but not essential. Many ideas are given in the explanatory video to do without it, and other ideas allowing you to Create your own routine.

Oil and Water Both Sides by Philippe Molina
Oil and Water Both Sides by Philippe Molina Sale price$50.00 AUD