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Monkey Outdone by Jonathan Fox

Sale price$25.00 AUD

Monkey Outdone by Jonathan Fox
Monkey Outdone by Jonathan Fox Sale price$25.00 AUD

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Introducing "Monkey Outdone," the latest addition to Global Magic's captivating card line. This innovative trick is designed to be seamlessly integrated into all your performances, adding an extra touch of excitement and mystery.

Monkey Outdone takes the classic Monkey in the Middle trick and pushes it to unprecedented limits, creating a captivating multi-phase routine that will leave your audience spellbound. Prepare to witness an impossible back and forth sandwich effect, allowing you to cleanly transition to the next phase of your magic seamlessly.

To truly grasp the power and boundless potential of Monkey Outdone, we invite you to watch the accompanying video. It showcases the mesmerizing capabilities of this trick and demonstrates how it can elevate your magical performances to new heights.

The beauty of Monkey Outdone lies in its cleverly crafted gimmicks, which do most of the work for you. With just a few minutes of setup, you can enjoy guaranteed quality and perform powerful magic with ease.

The package includes all the special components you need, requiring you to only add a standard deck of playing cards in any color and from almost any brand. This ensures versatility and convenience for performers of all levels.

Monkey Outdone offers a moderate level of difficulty. If you possess a basic understanding of card magic techniques, you will find it to be an engaging and rewarding challenge. So get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of astonishment and wonder with Monkey Outdone by Jonathan Fox.