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Mirage Deck by Jonathan Fox

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Mirage Deck

Easy To DO!

No Sleight Of Hand Required!

These cards are treated differently than the usual mirage deck

Only 26 CARDS ARE TREATED and those cards are treated in a way only half the card is treated.

Meaning the force card they handle has absolutely no treatment on and that you seperate the cards like never before.

This is treated the same way as our INVISIBLE DECK so will last 4 times longer than the standard mirage deck

An amazing deck of cards that allows you to do any of the easy to do miracles possible with the Svengali Deck however it also allows you to fan the deck of cards to show all of the cards are different.

Each card is hand cut and Professionally rounded on precision equipment.

Our deck is of higher quality as the corners are rounded unlike the decks that are produced in big quantities from other companies.

No R&S Fluid or Science Friction is used this is our product in house at Global Magic Shop



  • immediately knowing what card a spectator selects
  • compelling  the spectator to cut to their own selection under the fairest conditions
  • instantly changing the whole deck to the selected card

And many other miracles

Mirage Deck by Jonathan Fox
Mirage Deck by Jonathan Fox Sale price$30.00 AUD