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Mental Photography Deck by Jonathan Fox

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Mental Photography Deck

I have been performing Mental Photography for over 30 years. It is the ONLY card trick I do when strolling and is a huge part of my act. However, for the past 10 years, it’s been a nightmare to obtain an acceptable deck.

These cards are NOT just long and short cards they are cut on the slant the way KEN BROOKE used to make them. For those who are new to the deck or have only used the inferior decks which are mass-produced methods of making the deck where they are cut like a Svengali Deck this totally transforms the handling.

I will NOT name the places that believe the junk coming in from China or India, or where the hell ever, is acceptable. However, with no exaggeration, this is what has come in the mail:

1. Decks with the roughing so loose that cards would expose themselves at bad moments.
2. Decks with roughing so tight that cards would not spread.
3. Decks with roughing so tight I actually had to take the deck apart and separate every card, wrecking the deck in the process.
4. Decks with different degrees of roughing on different cards so anything could happen in performance!

Now, of course, you can return them, and go through it all again. As a full-time professional, I simply don’t have time for that nonsense. However, as always, GLOBAL MAGIC SHOP  has once again resolved the issue for the working pros out there.

This is not only one of the best card effects made – its also made from the highest quality from a professional card mechanic. These are hand made by Jon Fox which is the best there is. Effect: Show a Blank Deck of Cards on the front and back. (Cards can be riffled through, fanned, and spread out on the table to be shown blank). Magically you can change ‘a thought of card,’ into a real printed card. Repeat this and when your ready, riffle through the entire deck and it has magically changed into a real deck of cards. You can show the front and back of the deck. Great for walk-around-magic, close-up or intimate gatherings. You can repeat the trick as often as you want.

  • No sleight of hand required
  • Easy and fast to learn
  • Great ice-breaker for any event.
Mental Photography Deck by Jonathan Fox
Mental Photography Deck by Jonathan Fox Sale price$36.00 AUD