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Mental Eight Fold Enigma

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A performer presents a compact wallet (or box in the video) and informs the audience that it contains eight playing cards for a prediction. Eight cards of the same suit, ranging from Ace to eight, are selected and shuffled from a standard deck. A spectator picks a card, turning it face up without altering its original position. The predicted cards are then removed from the wallet and spread out. Surprisingly, only one card is face up, matching both the spectator's chosen card and its original position. Additionally, the card is turned face down, revealing a different color from the other seven.

• The gimmicked cards are original Bicycle cards, and a practical wallet is included for the effect.

• The regular Bicycle deck needed to select the eight cards of spades is not provided.

Mental Eight Fold Enigma
Mental Eight Fold Enigma Sale price$20.00 AUD