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M.V.P. by Gonzalo Albinana

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“Gonzalo has modernized and streamlined a much-loved classic. Following the path of Max Maven and adding your own twists to revive this often overlooked mentalism that allows for great customization and endless presentation possibilities... I recommend!" - Luke JERMAY

The Effect:

Like a prediction, or a miraculous intuition, you place a series of cards in order. One or more spectators choose the order in which to place another twin set. As impossible as it may seem, the two columns will always match!

For the very first time, you will always be able to carry your ESP tray with you in your shirt pocket. Without any complicated sleight of hand or weird manipulation, you will have one of the most powerful and magical coincidences in terms of multiple predictions for mentalism.

With new methods, manipulations, ideas and possibilities, Gonzalo Albiñana's MVP breathes new life into one of the most powerful classics of mental magic. In addition, its format is practical, 100% portable (you can have it in your pocket), a perfect professional solution for any situation , be it close-up magic, parlor, stage, children's magic, the comedy... You can adapt and change the cards at any time and in a very simple way.

You can use business cards, letters, photos, papers, ... provide company logos, fruits, sports, flags, names, words, numbers, ESP symbols, characters...  Anything you can think of. You can personalize it by drawing or writing by hand, or by printing directly from the computer!

There are alternatives (new types of endgames), explanations of different methods using the MVP, ideas for building one in giant size... And the material is also included so that you can start preparing your own sets. .

MVP can be reviewed, before and after.

Strong points :

  • You can end up "clean".
  • Hardware included.
  • New routines explained, new ideas and endings you'll fool even magicians with, plus several routines from Gonzalo's professional repertoire.
  • Study of the history of the effect and the alternatives.
  • Simple, practical, powerful and professional.

Welcome to MVP, Gonzalo Albiñana's versatile mental prediction!

Mark Stevens' review:

"As a distributor of magic products with 50 years of experience: what makes an "all-in-one" effect is exactly MVP! Not only the automatic effect is breathtaking, but the possibility of FRANCING it (images) or CUSTOMIZING it to suit your audience's theme will add the final punch. If you're doing a corporate party - BOOM, add the company logo; an intimate personal performance? Use photos that will resonate with your audience ... You simply cannot fully grasp the power of this miracle if you focus only on the effect (however powerful it is!) You must understand that it is the ability to customize your performance to suit the setting exact of your room - this is onlyas you come full circle to appreciate the INCREDIBLE VERSATILITY of this mind-blowing trick - the ability to tap into the emotions of your audience... That's real Magic!" –Mark STEVENS

M.V.P. by Gonzalo Albinana
M.V.P. by Gonzalo Albinana Sale price$49.00 AUD Regular price$99.00 AUD