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Letters is a modern tool for the mentalist who wants to add a simple and powerful effect
with a strong impact on the audience!
Jérôme Sauloup developed this routine in 2016, wanting to add a playful side to
mentalism. By integrating the theme of the world famous board game, Scrabble®,
Jérôme makes a lasting impression.
The routine is simple, the mentalist throws a paper ball in the audience to select a
spectator who joins him on stage. A transparent bag filled with Scrabble® letters is
presented and the spectator picks several without looking at them. The choice is totally
When the mentalist shows the word formed by the letters, all you have to do is invert 2
of them to create a real word! Even stronger, the spectator opens the paper ball he had
on him since the beginning and the word is written on it ! The prediction is perfect!
Versatile, Letters allows you to reveal ANY WORD IN ANY LANGUAGE IN ANY
SITUATION. The letters have been specially sourced so that they are readable from a
distance. The specially manufactured Scrabble® tiles holder will do all the work for you
in a very clever way, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation. Letters is a trick
developed by a professional magician for professionals, and has fooled a lot of magicians
before its official release. It will be quickly integrated into your show.

Highlights :
100% customizable, prepare any word in any language
Easy to do
Can be used in all situations
Genuine Scrabble® Letters
Quick Reset
Pack Small Play Big
No electronics
No accomplice
No Pre-Show

SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark of J.W. Spear & Sons PLC.

LETTERS By Jérôme SAULOUP Sale price$164.00