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Knock’em Dead by Peter Nardi

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Knock’em Dead 25th Anniversary Edition

Are you ready to learn one of the most powerful card effects you will ever perform?

In 1997 Peter Nardi released an effect that took the magic world by storm. It was called Knockem Dead.

The effect is simple, the method is devious and the reactions you get from both magicians and lay audiences is always incredible. Now over 25 years on its back and with a few new lovely tweaks making it even better.

Knockem Dead is a direct prediction effect that will blow everyone's mind!

Your spectator is shown a deck of cards in a shuffled state. You hand them the deck and ask them to start dealing the cards one at a time FACE UP on to the palm of your hand (They can see every card as it goes by). Your spectator is asked to stop dealing when ever they feel the time is right (this is a totally free choice). Once they have stopped dealing you reveal you knew exactly when and where they would stop! Is it mind control, influance, a prediction of the future or something else? Whatever it is, it's direct and hard hitting and their jaws will hit the floor!

Knock Em Dead was designed for the close up arena and is perfect for strolling, tables or even stand up performances and did I mention it resets instantly.

Knock'Em Dead is a self-working masterpiece and comes with all the props and a full online tutorial where Peter Nardi shares his tips that has made this one of his go to effects for over 25 years!


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