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What if you were able to manipulate the invisible?

Fragrance offers unforgettable sensory experiences based on smell! Calix is a French mentalist magician, a real worker who thinks, tests and brings his tricks and creations to a very high level. Creator of Sigaba and Social Assistant, Calix offers a new idea with FRAGRANCE.

A word will resonate after your passage: IMPOSSIBLE!

And yet, what you will demonstrate to your audience is quite possible with Fragrance and fits only in your pocket!

After greeting your spectators, you take out a small perfume sample type spray and make it smell. Everything is completely harmless and well known to everyone. Let’s take the cherry smell for example.

Each one clearly identifies the perfume that comes out of this spray by smelling the liquid that you have just deposited in the spectator's hand.

At the count of 3, this smell disappears, she can no longer smell it. The disorder sets in. Has she lost her sense of smell? Is she under hypnosis? Is her brain playing tricks on her? As a good manipulator you are, and without the slightest effort, the smell returns to the hand when you want and the spectator can breathe again the cherry. Incredible. This can even be repeated a second time.

And that’s not all. The next step will definitely finish off the most skeptical. A new snap of the fingers and this time, the cherry smell disappears completely for everyone. No one can feel this smell yet so strong and that you had visibly deposited on the palm of the spectator a moment earlier.

You now choose another member of the audience, ask him to reach out, and, as incredible as it may seem, the perfume has traveled! You put it literally and easily in the palm of his hand. You read right, you have just realized the impossible, something totally impalpable has moved from one hand to the other of the spectators and according to the timing you decide.

And you know what?

“If you can feel it, you can do it!”

YES! Because Fragrance is extraordinarily simple. The performance is full of little tricks that, at each step, reinforce the beliefs of the spectators and make your effect very impactful. These little convincers distilled throughout your act truly train your spectators in a routine of pure magic.

Fragrance is much more than a trick. It is a tool that you will definitely integrate into your repertoire and that will not leave you so much the effect is strong on the one hand, but also because it allows you much more than a single experience with smell.

Here are some ideas:

-  Disappearance and/or Appearance of perfume (travel)

-  Hypnosis demonstration

-  PK Touch (invisible touch) routine based on smell

-  Change the smell of a fruit or object.

-  Place perfume on a photography, a piece of paper, a playing card.

-  Make the smell of a little cherry drawn in your hand travelled

-  Etc.

Calix and the Magic Dream team have recorded an 1h30 video explanation (in French or English), with many application ideas, but also tips and advice to make your performance as memorable and impactful as possible.


-  pack small, play big. Fits in your pocket

-  very original

- nothing to palm / no suspicious props in hands

-  interactive experiments

-  choice of smell

-  many routines included

-  stage and close-up

-  perfect for magicians, mentalists, hypnotists

Note that :

You can choose the smell you want to play with (cherry, strawberry, lemon, apple, cotton candy, etc.), and change it as you wish. In addition to what you will receive after your purchase, you will need to obtain an e-cigarette type liquid which you will find very easily in specialized stores or on the web. One refill gives you hundreds of performances. The sale of e-liquid, particularly for export, being regulated, we are not authorized to provide you with this liquid but rest assured, it will only cost you a few euros (dollars) and can be found very easily.

Noticed :

The fuschia packaging visible in the trailer will only be available from Monday 06/24 for the official international release date of Fragrance.

FRAGRANCE by Calix Sale price$110.00 AUD