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Forecast - A Timeless Classic Reinvented for the 21st Century

"Forecast," originally popularised by the legendary Eddie Joseph, stands as a sublime magical experience suitable for both intimate close-up settings and grand stages in the realms of both magic and mentalism. Its essence is direct, seemingly impossible, and crystal clear.

In this contemporary adaptation, every conceivable detail has been meticulously refined to ensure visibility of the material right from the start, making the effect clearer and more accessible than ever.

The performance unfolds with the presentation of two decks of cards—one red and one blue. A card is removed from the blue deck, its identity shielded from the audience's eyes, and  inserted into the red deck. As the deck is fanned open, a spectator freely names a card from the red deck, and without revealing the card, you set it aside. Meanwhile, another spectator examines the blue deck, discovering it contains only 51 cards, none of which match the freely named card. The climactic revelation unfolds as the named card is turned over, exposing its unmistakable blue back!

Throughout the routine, the decks remain in plain sight, free from any manipulation.

Adding to the allure, the chosen card can vary with each performance, enhancing the sense of unpredictability and excitement.

"Forecast" effortlessly adapts to any performance space, whether it be the vast expanse of a stage or the cozy setting of an intimate after-dinner table. This revamped classic promises to captivate and astonish audiences with its timeless mystique and modern sophistication.