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Flying Cards

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Easily learn the magic of this trick - the cards do all the work for you! In just 10 minutes, you'll be astonishing your friends with this mind-bending illusion. It comes with complete instructions, making it a breeze to master and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Elevate your magic game effortlessly and become the life of the party!

On a table, two rows of distinct cards are arranged face up. A person is tasked with verifying that none of the cards are identical. Once confirmed, an assistant is instructed to gather one of the rows, placing it face down on the table. Ensuring the cards are shielded, the assistant is then prompted to rest their hand on the cards to prevent interference.

Instruct your assistant to focus on the remaining row of cards and choose any two o three cards from the pile mentally. After gathering the cards, the spectator is asked to reveal the chosen cards. However, when the cards are displayed on the table again, the selected pair will be absent. Astonishingly, they will have migrated to the initially arranged pile.

Flying Cards
Flying Cards Sale price$27.00 AUD