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Mind Power Deck by Jonathan Fox

Sale price$40.00 AUD

Mind Power Deck by Jonathan Fox
Mind Power Deck by Jonathan Fox Sale price$40.00 AUD


A named card is placed onto the table, the pack is riffled showing back & front and the chosen card is turned over - it's back is seen to be the only card not to match the entire deck

An added routine is supplied with this pack - you claim to have a picture of three cards face down on the table. Three cards are randomly selected and placed face up onto the table, the picture is turned over and claimed to be of the three chosen cards, however, the picture only shows three face down blue backed cards. The cards are now turned over to match the picture (they also have blue backs), but now, when the pack is shown, it is seen all the other cards have red backs. A very effective yet easy to do trick with a full pack of cards. Any named card is removed from the deck, the rest of the pack is shown to have a red back design, yet when named card is turned over, its back is seen to be blue. Very easy to perform

As another added bonus you can also use the Mind Power deck as a color changing deck. Once you have shown the deck to be red backed and there card is blue backed, pick up the blue backed card and place it onto the deck and instantly show now all the backs of the cards are now blue backs.


Mind Power Deck is part of our exclusive Connoisseur range.

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of our Connoisseur Range, where each deck is meticulously handcrafted and quality checked to ensure unparalleled excellence. Every card is delicately hand cut and professionally rounded using precision equipment, guaranteeing a superior level of craftsmanship. What sets our deck apart is the attention to detail, with each corner expertly rounded to perfection. Unlike decks produced in large quantities by other companies, our deck exudes a higher quality, offering a luxurious experience that is unmatched in both elegance and durability.