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A spectator merely thinks of a card, and you astound them by correctly guessing it. The climax? Revealing that the entire deck has transformed into a blank white deck, with one card set aside from the start—an exact match to the spectator's chosen card!

This effect creates a logical and impossible divination, naturally guiding the performance to the grand reveal of the all-blank deck. The construction of the presentation ensures the prediction card remains inconspicuous until its moment of glory—an unexpected but essential culmination.

"ALONE" is designed to be practical, all-terrain, and devoid of any strange maneuvers or intricate stories that could compromise handling or durability.

With your purchase, delve into half an hour of detailed instructions where I unravel the practice and theory behind 'ALONE.' As with all our products, this instructional session is designed to empower you with the knowledge to make 'ALONE' one of your favourites.

'ALONE' is more than a trick; it's a revelation. Join me on this magical journey, where secrets unfold, and the impossible becomes reality. Elevate your craft with ALONE today!